Friday, February 5, 2010

Random Facts And Talking And What Not

I felt like making a blog post but I didn't know what you guys wanted to see so I thought I would just talk. But beware its really random. lol So Yeah. Its snowing where I live, we are suppose to get like 23 inches over the weekend. Its crazy. I love snow but last week it snowed so I couldn't see any of my friends so I really didn't want it to snow this weekend. But w/e Its really pretty outside though. :D I'm going to New York next weekend. I'm so excited!!!! I'm going with my parents and my sisters and we are going shopping. I can't wait. lol. I havn't been clothes shopping since before Christmas
(other then when I went to Target yesterday to get nail polish I got a shirt for $4) so i'm like dieing from clothes withdraw. Hopefully I can go one day this week :D I want to know what you all want me to do in the next blog post? Just comment below :D I want to hear from ALL for you!!!! Omgsh I love what is in style this upcoming spring. I love rompers and high waisted shorts!!! I think there so cute. And floral omgsh!!! lol I'm like really getting into nail polish right now. I use to always have my nails painted then I just stopped. I don't know why. But now I'm starting back up again. Whats your favorite color nail polish? You're probably all laughing at how stupid this post is. I'm sorry lol. Well I guess none of you really know anything about me. Well my name is Katelyn Dixon Kelly but I go by Katelyn Dixon i'm 17 (almost 18 in May) I don't have a job right now :( its pretty sad. (but everything I buy is money I save from working in the past) oh before I forget. Do you all like me doing hauls? Alot of you have said you didn't like it because It is like bragging? So tell me what you all think. Everything I buy is money that I had to work for and save up. So my hauls aren't like "look at what my parents bought me" I had to work for everything. Well anyways. Yeah. I have loved fashion since before I can remember. It is a big thing in my life. I want to be a fashion stylist and I'm going to go to fashion college (I dont want to tell you what one or you'll all know where I live lol). There is like 5 inches of snow at my house lol. Wow this blog is getting really long. I hope im not boring you all. :( Tell me if this is something you would like me to do more often. Oh after 30 days of fashion is over i'm going to start 30 days of beauty supplies. Is that something you all would like? If not just let me know. So yeah..............I dont know what else to talk about...... oh I went to Rite Aid yesterday and they had a big sale like 75% off some of their makeup. So I got 4 nail polishes and a eye liner. I wanted to get more but I didnt have any more money with me :( But hopefully once it stops snowing I can go. :D They had lip glosses and stuff. You should look to see if your rite aid is having the same sale. It was really good. Well I got to go hang with the family. I hope you all enjoyed this!!! Have a great week!!!

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