Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Nail Polish Collection

Ok so a lot of you have asked me to make a post of all my nail polish so here it goes: (and i'm sorry for the bad pictures I don't have a camera so im taking these with my phone)
I have 5 N.Y.C nail polishes The colors are Times Square Tangerine Cream #112A, Broadway Burgundy Frost #116A, Yellow #114A, Classic Coral Cream #130A, and a clear top coat in 271A. I have 4 Funky Fingers (they're from 5 below)in Screamin' Fuchsia, Bizerk Turq (weird names i know), a yellow color but the name riped off so I don't know the name (sorry), and Wild Child. I also have 2 Revlon nail polishes in a clear sealant (its called Always On Sealant #2) and Kiss Me Coral #474. I have 2 Jessica Simpson colors in #72149 (its like a almost clear pink) and #72551 (its like a light brown). 4 O.P.I colors in a base coat, a dark blue (it doesn't have a name), a silver, and a white (still know name). 1 Sinful Colors in Mint Apple. 2 Wet 'N Wild in Blazed and Caribbean Frost. 1 Victoria's Secret PINK in Red. I also have 1 Rimmel nail polish in Camouflage #830 (was on sale for $1) :). 1 Maybelline in red. Last but not least i have 6 nail polishes that don't have a tag (I think they all came from kiddy kits from like the dollar store) there colors are: a off white, a pinkish red, a gold, a bright pink, and a orangesh pink.

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