Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dressing For Your Body Type: When Your Short

If your short like me you might want to look taller. If you do then read on :D
1. Don't wear pants that puddle on the ground. They should just hit the ground.
2. Don't wear shorts, skirts, or dresses that go below your knee.
3. Your shirts should hide your crotch. They should be at least 1 and a half inches away from your crotch. The longer your shirt is the shorter it makes your legs look and that means the shorter you will look.
4. Wear boots, while this sounds like it will make you look shorter, wearing knee high boots will actually make you look taller.
5. Don't cuff your pants to make them shorter.
6. The tighter your jeans are the taller you will look. (But don't wear them to tight.)

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