Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dressing For Your Body Type: A Bigger Stomach

Have a stomach that your not so proud of? Well here are some tips to make you look
the size you've always wanted.
1. Don't wear shirts or dresses that tie or get tighter right under the chest. It then will flair out and make your stomach look bigger.
2. Instead wear shirts that tie or get tighter at the low waist (almost on hips).
3.With a t-shirt you can add a belt to hide the unwanted area and to give it a more put together look.
4. A lot of people with a bigger stomach try to hide it with an over size t-shirt. Don't do that. It just makes your whole body look bigger. But don't wear tight t-shirts either. They should be fitted but not tight.
5. While in style but not very flattering for a bigger person is high waisted skirts. It's just like with shirts that tie under the chest area, it flares out and makes you Look bigger.
Well that's all for now keep checking back for more tips.

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